The Journey of the Diamond

There are three main processes that enhance the dull, glass-like natural stone to allow magical flashes of light and fire emerge to reveal a dazzling, brilliant diamond. Prior to this it is of the utmost importance that the rough diamond is expertly analysed to help decide how to cut the stone for the most profitable return. Planning will be influenced by the original shape of the stone and the location of inclusions and flaws. 

  • Splitting of the rough stone, usually by laser.                                


  • Girdling refers to the rough shaping of the diamond. Two diamonds are grinded against each other on spinning axles to produce a round shape.
  • The crucial stage of Polishing dictates whether the stone will be dull and lifeless or brilliant and sparkling. Blocking is the preliminary process that creates the first facets and foundation of the final shape. Faceting entails angling the required facets in a precise position to produce a gem radiant with fire and life. 

It usually takes around five months from when the rough gemstone is mined until the glittering diamond is ready to reach customers.