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We wish to welcome you to this website and address the areas where user privacy is concerned. You can be rest assured that in every aspect Cahoons Jewellers continually aims to meet best practice and acts in accordance with all UK national laws and current legislation. 


Cookies are small files located on a computers hard drive. These are both anonymous and harmless. They will never contain any personal or confidential information about the user. These days, most websites use cookies and their purpose is to improve the users experience whilst visiting the website. Indeed some are essential to the functionality of a website and to allow a user to perform simple actions, such as shopping online. uses Google Analytics. This common service uses a cookie to help us understand how visitors are using our site. It helps us do useful things like find out if a user has visited before or helping highlight where the popular areas are on the site. 

You are welcome to learn more about Google Analytics and their use of cookies by following the link to their own privacy policy below:- 

Personal Information 

A function is provided on our website, whereby a user can request information with regards to a particular item. You may want to know the current sales price or whether it can be made available in an alternative specification. 

During this process an Enquiry Form is presented where you will be asked to submit your name and email address/telephone number. This is so we can personally contact you with helpful information relating to your enquiry. Whilst every effort have been made to ensure a safe and secure email submission process, users do so at their own risk.  

If you express permission to use your details to subscribe to any email newsletter program that the website operates, our services are designed to give you the information that you want to receive and will allow you to opt out at any time.

Your personal information is kept private in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and none of your details are passed to third parties. 

External Links 

Within the content of, you may come across links to other suppliers websites. These are usually to demonstrate products from brands of which we are a stockist. Despite our best efforts, the owners of this website cannot verify the contents of any externally linked website and users do so at their own risk. 

Social Media 

You may have already come across Cahoons Jewellers on some social media platforms. This website may use social sharing icons that facilitate the sharing of web content directly from our web page to the social media platform in question. 

Users are advised to take due care when engaging on social media platforms. Any communications or actions taken are subjected to the privacy policies of each respectively social media platform. Those that wish to discuss personal issues with any sensitive material are encouraged to contact Cahoons Jewellers directly via telephone or email. 

If you have any further concerns or queries relating to this policy, please do not hesitate to get in contact and we will do our best to help.