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Below we present a selection of Diamond Tennis Bracelets from Cahoons Jewellers in Cookstown, Northern Ireland. You are cordially invited to our showroom to view our entire range. Our unique and breathtaking collection features carefully selected pieces from the most reputable brands. Whether it’s an elegant diamond tennis bracelet, an engagement ring or any other piece of bespoke jewellery, we will have the perfect gift.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

The tennis bracelet is a classic jewellery staple. This is a stylish, elegant and ever-popular piece of jewellery. Perfectly matched with Diamonds this piece can be used to elevate any style or look.

Also known simply as a diamond bracelet or sometimes as an eternity bracelet, a diamond tennis bracelet consists of a row of equal-sized diamonds set together inline on the bracelet.

A sleek and stylish accessory, it’s easy to see why they are popular. An eye-catching and thoughtful piece of jewellery, they make a beautiful gift for a partner.

Why is it called a Tennis Bracelet?

The most common answer to this is associated with the professional tennis player, Chris Evert. During the 1987 US Open tennis tournament, she lost her diamond bracelet whilst playing a game. As the world watched on TV, the tennis game was paused to allow her to recover the bracelet. Many would argue that this event brought about the term "Tennis Bracelet". Because Chris Evert was well known for her fashionable and stylish look anyway, it could be argued this event was only a contributing factor.

Does a Tennis Bracelet make a suitable gift?

Tennis bracelets are a versatile piece of wrist jewellery. A great accessory for casual or formal dress. The perfect everyday, wearable and comfortable jewellery. Because of these features, they are popular with athletic or sporty individuals. As they are also known as "Eternity Bracelets" this makes them a perfect gift for your partner, to convey the eternal bond. They also make a perfect and thoughtful gift to a mother in law or a sibling. What better way to mark an occasion such as a birthday, graduation or other significant life events, than with a timeless and elegant diamond tennis bracelet.

Jewellers in Northern Ireland - Welcome to Cahoons

Cahoons has been operating for over 40 years making us one of the most established Jewellers in Northern Ireland. Always tailoring our jewellery collections to keep in line with current trends and fashions, we are well known for impeccable high-quality stock and unbeatable pricing.

Throughout the years we have developed a strong reputation for quality diamonds and gemstones. We specialise in a variety of diamond jewellery including diamond bracelets. Whether it's diamond engagement rings or ruby engagement rings, wedding rings or eternity rings, diamond rings or coloured gemstone stone rings to emerald rings, this Northern Ireland Jeweller is sure to have something for you.

In conclusion, our growing reputation is not only confined to Cookstown. Increasingly, we find customers who are searching for jewellers Dungannon, jewellers Newry, jewellers Derry etc are making their way to our jewellery shop in Cookstown. The central location of Cookstown and easy journey from these towns is making us a good choice for Northern Ireland Jewellery as a whole.