Advice on buying a Diamond

Simply put, A Diamond has to be seen ...

The complexities of diamond certification can be beyond the common knowledge of most people. Extra care needs to be taken when considering diamonds that are marketed based on their certificates. A common question to jewellers relates only to carat, colour and clarity of a diamond. When these attributes appear to be the same for two individual diamonds, you would be inclined to think that the one priced less represents best value for money. However this is not necessarily true as the cheaper stone could possess completely different characteristics that makes it less desirable, thus reducing its value.

Two diamonds may have identical grades on the same type of certification, yet rarely would they be the same value. Excusing the pun, we could focus on Clarity as an example of why this could be. If the nature and positioning of an inclusion makes it more easily seen in one stone, the desirability of that diamond is reduced and we should expect to pay a lower price.

Certificates can only describe the characteristics of the stone, but beauty and desirability is subjective and impossible to measure on paper. It is not a good idea to purchase solely on grades because you will not necessarily end up buying the stone that radiates best fire, brilliance and scintillation.

The difference or shortfalls between the grades on a certificate and the visual characteristics of the diamond in reality can be very obvious to a trained eye when assessing the stone. Therefore the best option is to take advice and only consider purchasing from a reliable retailer that will more likely lead you to a safer and more rational decision on the true value of a diamond.

Our Conclusion...

When choosing a diamond, each of us has to find a balance between price and desirability. Naturally, we all desire best value for money. The characteristics of diamonds can be loosely compared if they have been certified by the same laboratory. However it will take a trained eye to acknowledge that they are genuinely of a similar quality. To the contrary, sales and deals that sometimes appear too good to be true can hide these discrepancies in certification and/or diamond quality.

Considering the variables and complexities of a diamond, the best source for your purchase is a reliable supplier who is credible and authentic. A Diamond has to be seen. Beauty is subjective and naturally you will have desire to buy a diamond that is aesthetically pleasing over the accompanying piece of paper that denotes an impressive certification. This is advised as the best approach to help you find both best value for money and the perfect Diamond to enhance your beauty!

Ellisons Jewellers, Belfast and Cahoons Jewellers, Cookstown take time when purchasing diamonds. Until we can see the brilliance of a stone in our hands we consider ourselves nowhere close to making the right decision on a purchase for stock. We carefully scrutinise each stone to ensure the resale value can be well worth a customer’s investment. Consequently, we would encourage the customer to do the same and appreciate their concerns and queries.

Diamonds and precious gemstones have been our passion throughout a history of over 100 years in wholesale. We trust our new visitors will be impressed with the quality of what we do and enjoy sharing in our knowledge to help our customers find their “perfect” stone.

You will be presented with many choices when choosing the ring of your life – we appreciate the significance of the decision and will do our best to explain and guide you in a friendly, yet reassuringly professional manner.